Creation ceomes from the mix of Knowledge and Nothing, and the instant they meet we have The Divide.

The Divide

As I explain throughout my book GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, The Divide is what I call the separation or gap between anything and God. It is a consequence of the first moment of the Creation. Satan is the main conduit or embodiment of The Divide, which is why I sometimes refer to him as 'The Divider'. The Divide is the true root of all evil.

The Divide has to varying degrees cut everything away from what is One. And we live in a realm of separates, of what has been separated from God, therefore there is no one thing that is complete here - everything, no matter how apparently pure is in some way fragmented.

Coming to this realm or indeed any realm that is not Complete means that there will be dividion or separation from Truth. It is like white light going into a prism and breaking up into the spectrum.

But we are now at a time when that spectrum is beiginning to be drawn back together into white light. That is, we are approaching THE COMPLETION STAGE, which begins with THE EPIPHAEIA.

It is during The Completion Stage that we shall see the end of all that is of The Divide, which is why at its end we shall see the destruction of Satan and death, before entering into the wonder of the New Heaven and New Earth.

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