The Completion Stages comes in three parts: 1. The Epiphaneia 2. The 490 year EON and 3. The Millennium.

The Completion Stage

As I explain in my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, one of my most important discoveries is what I call The Completion Stage.

You see, like anything, Mankind grows, and it grows through stages, just like we in a life grow through stages from infancy to childhood to adolescence and so on. And the last stage through which the world passes is called The Completion Stage.

This overall Stage involves three parts:

1.    THE EPIPHANEIA, which is a moment or short period of clarity, along with some extraordinary events, such as some important resurrections, that breaks us away from the Age (or Eon) of Evil

2.    The 490 year EON, otherwise known as the kingdom of God, or God’s Sovereign Rulership through Christ from the heavens over the nations in this world – it is about true government, after centuries of false government; it is consequently about the widespread application of God’s Law, and involves the the recognition of the importance of the true Jesus Christ and the beginning of the overall clearing up of this world

3.    The Millennium, which is the 1000 years reign of Christ in person here on this world. This begins with his physical return. The Millennium ends with Christ’s destruction of Satan, and the total end of death, which is followed by the total destruction of the Earth (burning up of the earth - 2 Peter 3:10), followed by the wonders of the New Heavens and New Earth (for example, Revelation 21:1).

As you can probably gather, The Completion Stage is about the return of what is good; and good is what is unified, or brought together as one.

The Divide, homogenisation and definition

Now, there are many influenced by THE DIVIDE, which is, basically, the non essence of separation of God, of which Satan is the overall conduit (for want of better terms, it is his ‘spirit’).

As I explain in GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, The Divide piggybacks what is good, and thereby steers it away to what is bad. So, its nature is to piggyback or parasitize upon what is good or what is true (I mention this quality briefly on the CHANGE page).

And the influential ones of this dark age know about true unity and how threatening it is to their positions of power.

That’s because true unity is for all things to be true to their nature; thus, therefore, for example, men to be men, women to be women, children to be children, families to be families, nations to be nations and so on. You see, nothing can be at one with something else unless it is what it is.

When things are what they are they have power, but when things are homogenised into a fake unity, where, for example, men and women have been merged through social and genetic and chemical engineering into androgynous creatures, there is no unity, for nothing is what it really is. The outcome of homogenisation is a miasma in which nothing really exists, and therefore nothing but those who control the formless homogenised miasma have any power.

Homogenisation via all the different types of international corporation and bank funded engineering of mankind is rather like the form of a grown man going back to the potentials of the womb, where all individuality is broken down, for in the womb the infant is at one with the mother.

This explains clearly why ‘goddess’ worship and Gaia worship and the pushing of feminism along with the emasculation of men are expressions of The Divide, or are expressions of Satan. You see, any individual thing or any man or woman can only be close to God if they are true, which means their being what they are really meant to be. Anything that hampers this is ‘of division’ or ‘of The Divide’ or ‘of Satan’.

And so, in THE COMPLETION STAGE, we can expect a return to things being what they are, so that they may relate in the ‘spirit of unity’ with other real identifiable things. And this ‘spirit of unity’ comes only through the exercise and application of Truth, through God’s Law and the recognition of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, who was resurrected after being assasinated, of course, to recognize him as he truly is. Yes, he died on a stake (Peter said it was a tree) (yes, 'stake', the true translation does not mention a cross - see my book God Makes His Move, Part 3, Chapter 40 - The Cross and Jesus, p. 515).

In the Completion Stage we shall therefore witness a vast reduction of what divides us from God, which means Satan’s influence will rapidly diminish, and be forced back into the shadows.

Death begins to lose its sting

Another aspect of The Divide is death, as death separates us from full life. And so, when living in the full light of the Completion Stage we can expect to see more life, which is why ‘EONIAN LIFE’ or ‘life in the Eon’ is such an important part of Christ’s message.

Of course, to have life you will have to recognise life, which is to recognise what is true, which is to recognise the true Son of God and the true God and the true Word of God. And if you don’t know what ‘Eonian life’ is, well, it is quite simple – it means, as Christ promised Martha, ‘you will certainly not die throughout the Eon’ (John 11:25).

So, a far better way to remain young or have the so-called ‘elixir of youth’ is to have a sound understanding of God and His Son, and a love for them both.

As it states in 2 Timothy 3:16, ‘Every Writing is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, and for discipline in righteousness, in order that the man of God can be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.’

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