A scene of a part of Somerset in England, not far from Galstonbury, where the very first church was set up by Joseph of Arimathea and the Disciples in AD 37 - the sun in the sky allows us to see all the details and all the details in the light reflect the presence of the sun - so, yes, the clues are all around us.

The Clues

The clues are all around us...

These clues point us towards both what is wrong with the world and what is right with the world and what we can do about improving our situation and how and why we can be prepared for what is to come.

And these clues are clear - they can be found anywhere - from the heavens above to the newspapares you read.

The clues as to what is wrong with the world can be found in anything from what you eat (for example genetically modified food), to how your local authority spends your money (for example UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ and SOCIAL ENGINEERING in schools), to the fact that more or less all governments are pushing towards INTERNATIONALISM (involving a centralised global corporate global government) to the fact that international corporations are driving towards a coordinated technological take-over and debasement of mankind, much of which is done within the ‘health’ services, for example via vaccines (see UNDER ATTACK page).

Then there are the corresponding and coordinated attacks against our stability and security at all levels via the ‘CHANGE’ agenda, not to mention the glaringly obvious attacks against our God-given rights, our history, true spirituality, mankind, God and our relationship with Him through His Son.

Our degeneration is also clear when we examine the corrupt nature of the ‘pop’ industry, the film industry, the mainstream media – areas where we find anything from institutional child abuse to the encouragement of what is wrong and therefore against our nature and therefore destructive.

The clues towards how we can help improve things involve understanding true history, understanding and applying God-given rights via the COMMON LAW, eating the right food, filtering water (i.e. removing the poisons such as fluoride that have been put in it to harm us) and in experiencing good HEALTH of mind and body.

The clues towards how we help improve things can also be found in the Bible – a true translation of the Bible (The Eonian Books), and they can be seen in the heavens, via understanding the language of the heavens (see ASTROLOGY page).

These good clues are pointing towards the most important and most glorious time in our history so far - THE EPIPHANEIA and the 490 yearEON, which is synymous with the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is when, after being so divided from truth for so long throughout the 'age of evil' (see THE DIVIDE), things are beginning to be drawn together (see COMPLETION STAGE page) and recognised and applied as what they truly are; which means being drawn to their full potential.

It also means the shortening of the shadows of evil, and the universal understanding and application of true law, which is God’s Law applied with reason and common sense (see COMMON LAW).

That means there will be true but unobtrusive government, the elimination of international corporations, the enforcement of sound national borders.

It also means clean air, clean soil, clean seas, clean food and clean water.
It also means there will be true education, peace between nations, real justice and freedom and more.

It also means that the FAMILY and the individual will be recognised.

The combined effect of the above will also generate true expression of the many cultures of the world in the nations whence they come.

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