I think that a bridge is a good enough way to express the link betwen here and the Realm of Spirit.

Spirit and Physical Realms

It says in 1 John 4 1-3:

'My richly loved, do not believe every spirit, but put the spirits to the test, whether they are from God, because many pseudo prophets have gone out into the world. By this the sprit of God is recognised: every spirit who professes Jesus Christ having come in flesh is from God. And every spirit who does not profess Jesus Christ having come in the flesh is not from God - and this is the teaching of the Antichrist...'

The word used for 'spirit' in this passage is the Greek, pnyoo-mah - πνεῦμα .

This is clearly connected to breath or air, hence pneumatic. The number reference for it in Strong's Concordance is 4151. In Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon this word has many meanings, such as 'the spirit, i.e. the vital principle by which the body is animated', or 'a simple essence, devoid of all or at least all grosser matter...', or 'a human soul that has left the body...'

The point is that there is a living consciousness that is able to live outside the physical body, and that these lines of 1 John 4 1-3 help conform this. So, we can begin to conclude just from these lines that we continue after death, after the death of our physical body and the separation or death of our consciousness from that body.

The CELESTIAL WORD OF GOD confirms this, for example, the Sun represents spirit and/or the Spirit Realm and the Moon represents body and/or the Physical Realm.

I explain in detail in GOD MAKES HIS MOVE how and why there are two main realms - the Physical Realm of energy and the Spirit Realm of 'not-energy'. See God Makes His Move, Part 2, Chapter 5 - To death... and beyond, p. 209.

And, just as a plant grows using both night and day, so our consciousness grows as it passes both the Physical and Spirit Realms, one after the other until we are Complete - rather like when a plant comes into flower after many days and nights.

Of course, the Bible tones down the facts about spirit and the Spirit Realm a great deal.

For example, we find verses that some say suggest there is only a physical realm:

'For in the grave there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom.' (Ecclesiastes 9:10)


'a time is coming when all those in the graves will hear his voice, and they will come out.' (John 5:28-29)

Whereas, of course, when you take the very literal translation of these verses, which to me are turns of phrase, they contradict each other.

Another verse often used to suggest that when we die we just stop is, 'You are dust, and you will return to dust.' (Genesis 3:19). Well, I am actually not dust in the lieral sense, so we cannot take such statements to be literally interpreted.

No matter, the toning down of the Spirit Realm is done with good reason: when you attempt to connect with 'spirits' you are leaving yourself open to the entities of THE DIVIDE, to demons and such like, who, most probably like their master (2 Corithians 11:14), are able to appear with qualities of wonderful 'light', which means they can appear just as we would want them to appear, as departed loved ones, for example.

As you will see if you have not already, in God Makes His Move (Part 1, Chapter 14, The Divide and spirit mediums, p. 92). I give other reasons for toning down the facts about spirit, and one of them is that when we are here we must focus on God through His Son, as He is Life and is Absolute Unity. If we focus on those who have died, we focus on who is dead, and with death being caused by The Divide, we, as a consequence, focus on The Divide, and are therefore more susceptible to the deceit of Satan.

However, this does not mean to say that people who have had brief one-off visits or connections with loved ones who have died have been deceived. Many of these experiences are genuine, as long as they are indeed one offs and do not become a habit.

Of course, as it states in 1 John 4 1-3, it would be wise always to test them with the truth about Christ. I did this myself once. I felt a presence and smelled pipe smoke - the general feeling was comforting. But when I politely asked whatever it was to remain only if it accepted the truth about Jesus Christ and his resurrection by God, it immediately disappeared.

Now, considering the obvious dangers, you might say that we should still side-step spirits and, even, any understanding of them. But this would be a mistake now that we approach THE COMPLETION STAGE, and now that demonic entities are closer than they have been for centuries, indeed millennia.

It would therefore be profitable now to begin to recognise the reality of our current level of existence, and thereby recognise the level that reflects our new position in the Creation.

Still, of course, it is wrong to go out of our way to commune with spirits, as such shenanigans will, as I have said, open us up to The Divide - we must only have a relationship with God through Christ.

But we are better equipped to deal with things when we have a greater all-round knowledge, with a map, as it were, of the different levels of existence and what they mean to us.

We ought  also to recognise that there is life after death - yes, we do die only once - once as the man or woman we are here. And we must recognise that this other side of life, the one that is separated from us by our death, will merge with the physical world, here, should God grant it.

And this is when we have resurrections or indeed EONIAN LIFE, both of which only occur if we have put our lives in the hands of God through Christ.

And it must be through Christ, for whilst the other side of a river may exist, we cannot get to it unless we can cross the bridge - where the other side of the river is the new heaven and the new earth (after the kingdom of God and the Millennium) and the bridge is Christ.

Besides, it is known that many demons call themselves 'God' or even 'Jesus', but their only response to God through Christ and the faith that goes with it is a rapid exit.

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