Lodewijk Toeput's Tower of Babel c. 1587.

A second 'Tower of Babel' is being built around us now, this time a via internationalism and multiculturalism; but, as we know, with the coming
EON, it will not last.

Here is how the Tower of Babel era is described in the Bible (Genesis 11: 5-9)
 'And Yahweh came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built, and Yahweh said, 'See now, the people are one, and they have all one language, and now they are beginning to do this. And now nothing will be restrianed from them which they have imagined to carry out. Come, let us go down and confound their language there, so that they cannot understand their neigbour's language. So Yahweh scattered them from there over the face of the Earth...'

Second Tower of Babel - Internationalism

Before we consider Internationalism, we must consider it in the context of the kingdom of God, the 490 year kingdom of God that begins around sometime around the 23rd March 2023. It is also known as THE EON.

As I have explained on The EON page and elsewhere throughout this website, we are close to the fulfilment of Christ's promise of the kingdom of God, which is God's Sovereign Rulership through Christ from the heavens of the nations - it is when God implements His authority, so that Satan is pushed back and the Age of Evil comes to an end.

You might think that, because of this coming one Rulership over the nations, we shall have a transnational government of sorts. You may therefore conclude that the kingdom of God is internationalist.

But the kingdom of God is not internationalist by the definition I use in this website - with one corporate power unlawfully ruling everyone.

My definition of internationalism on this website refers to what is of Satan, of Cain and such like, which is the internationalism of no true home nation, of having no national borders, of having no structure, of having no national sovereign government, so that satanic corporate transnational centralised and, some might argue with considerable effect, Zionist power takes over. The unaudited EU dictatorship is an example of internationalist power in action.

The kingdom of God will have independent nations, with a true structure, and with the True Overall Sovereign applying His Authority, which can only mean freedom, considerable fulfilment of potential, individual cultures (not Babel-like multiculturalism) and so on. That is because God and His Son are about Truth, and Truth means that everything must be what it is.

We don’t have to look too far into the Bible to begin to see the Bible’s position on internationalism. After Cain murdered his brother Abel, God said to Cain, ‘And now you are cursed more than the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground it will not give its strength to you. You shall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth...’ (Genesis 4: 11-12).

The upshot of the punishment of Cain is clearly that he will have no nations, and he will have to be a parasite on others in order to live.

Meanwhile, God promised Abraham that he would be the ‘father of many nations’ (Genesis 17:4-5), which is the opposite of the curse of Cain.

Clearly, identifiable nations with their sovereignty intact are very important to God. This very fact is reflected in the definition of the kingdom of God, which is God’s Sovereignty through Christ over the nations.

But what of this? Why is this relevant today? Why mention Cain?

Well, there is a link between the ‘vagabond’, or those who have no nations and are therefore internationalist, and those who are cursed by God, or are of Cain’s type.

And we must remember that Cain was the Son of Satan – ‘... Cain who was out of the Evil One...’ – 1 John 3:12.

This is also stated, albeit not directly, in 1 Chronicles 1 where we have the family of Adam to Abraham. Notice the absence here of Cain. Yes, you might say that Abel is not there either, but we must also remember than these chronologies are of the fathers. Abel was not a father, but Cain was – his first son was Enoch.

These chronologies are important not just for historical purposes, but more for the bloodline. That is, the clean bloodline – the bloodline that has not been infected by Satan or his fallen angels or entities.

Cain’s father was not Adam. It was Satan.

Clearly Satan seduced Eve and gave birth to Cain, as there was no one else there to have done this. And, no doubt, Satan used all his charms to do this – hence the manipulative and charming nature of those who are of Satan, of those who lie.

So, Cain was of the ‘essence’ or ‘non-essence’ (ie of The Divide) of Satan. And he was 'of the devil', of the 'progeny of vipers', or 'the Snake', meaning Cain was not the only one of this type – there were many of them.

And they survived the Flood or at least continued after the Flood elsewhere, a fact we know, not just because the Bible reports the Nephalim (Sons of God), but because Jesus highlights the origins of the ‘progeny of vipers’, when he says that the father of the Pharisee Jews in John 8 ‘are out of their father, the devil... who was a murderer from the beginning...’ (John 8:44).

This, of course, has echoes of Cain’s murder of his brother.

And so, generally, those who have this diabolical bloodline are those who have no nations (internationalists), and yet are able to be in powerful positions. For Cain, when in the Land of Nod, built the city of Enoch, and you cannot build cities unless you are able to influence men to do your work.

They are also murderers, or cause the deaths of others, which is also at the heart of internationalism, as internationalism weakens people by removing the protection of the nation and family, rendering power not in many but in the one top internationalist. They care not for the identity or power of anyone but their own.

The top internationalists today have enlisted many who are actually not of their bloodline type, so that we have many in nations now asking for international banker and corporation intervention via, for the example the internationalist EU, which is destroying, deliberately, the nations of Europe so that they are weak and controllable by these corporate internationalist parasites.

Internationalists are traitors to their nations, because it is their intent to deliver national sovereignty into the hands of internationalist corporations, or, I should say, those who run them.

You can probably now see why treason is such a vile offence, and why the internationalists have attempted to remove treason, and why the police now do not arrest it.

I once wrote to my local chief of police and informed him of the treason being committed by members of my local council via UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ and Common Purpose courses.

My letter went round the houses for a while, until, it appeared, it arrived in the hands of one trained to deal with such complaints. And, basically, this man, this criminal who works for the police and pretents to be a constable, an 'inspector', lied, saying that there was no case.

He also said that the ‘Legal Team’ would investigate it, and that they would contact me. This was clearly a fob-off as they did not contact me, but after writing to him to remind him it was he who wrote to me saying there was no case. He gave me no reasons why.

I doubt very much that this man was of the evil ‘Cain’ bloodline, but he was channelling the dark spirit of it - THE DIVIDE - against the rest of us.

You can also see the work of this criminal bloodline in the globally centralised agenda against God, particularly against those who follow Christ's teachings all around the world, notably in Syria and Iraq.

You can see the attack against Christianity manifesting in plans such as the push of women priests into the church and, indeed, feminism in general.

You can see what the Word of God says about women priests or bishops at 1 Timothy 2:12, where it states very clearly, ‘But I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over her husband, but to be in quietness.’

Some may pose arguments against this statement, but here is a fine article at that you might find interesting: it is titled 1 Timothy 12-13 and women pastors and elders.

The attack against Christ's teachings and those who follow the true Christ is also, of course, being pushed via political correctness, multiculturism, the international corporation-pushed funding and creation of ISIS via governments from nations that are part of NATO (remember ISIS is just another name for al Qaeda, run by western interests) – ISIS are destroying much of the area of early Christianity, amongst other things.

Then there is the cover up of the true British origin of the true Church; which happened well before the Roman Catholic Church, and the cover up as to who the real Israelites were and are. Such matters are explained elsewhere on this website and in my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE.

Other attacks against Christianity include democracy (the fake giving of power to people when in reality everyone loses their freedoms – see my book God Makes His Move, Part 3, Chapter 38 - Voting and the Ten Commandments).

In fact, democracy is a sort of fake religion in that it claims to make people the power and have the authority, when it can only be God, through His Son.

Another attack against mankind is, of course, the climate agenda, through which a small minority of criminals assume the power of God to control the weather. Notice the idea that if you pay taxes to prop up internationalists such as Rothschild or Al Gore they are somehow going to be able to control the weather (see the PLAYING GOD page).

All of the above crimes are, not surprisingly against COMMON LAW, simply because Common Law, which is at the heart of western constitutions, is based in God’s Law through Christ, and thereby secures the freedoms and justice for which Common Law nations are famed.

Also, when you attack constitutions via undermining the Common Law and you attack the nation, which illustrates to us more layers of treason committed by many in our governments and local governments.

Attacking Christ is so very important for Satan’s men and women here because Jesus Christ is their mortal enemy, as he is the one who destroys Satan.

However, it must be remembered that one of the main tenets of Christ's teachings is to forgive.

And with that in mind it must be remembered that if you have loved then you can know God – through the true Christ, that is, as there is no other way.

1 John 4: 7-8 'My richly loved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and everybody who loves has been generated out of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, because God is love.'

The good news is that, especially bearing in mind the soon-coming EPIPHANEIA, and the revival of the Bible with the true translation in the form of The Eonian Books, it is clear to me that not too far in the near future international corporations will no longer exist.

The very presence of an international corporation is treason, as it goes beyond the borders of a nation.

Indeed, all forms of borderlessness or lack of structure or nationlessness or lack of moral form (with good being forced to merge with evil so that neither exist) will soon, more or less, disappear for a long time.

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