When those eugenicists and the social engineers and the internationalists and the vaccinators like Bill Gates and the geo-engineers and those who fight Common Law and the genetic engineers and the transhumanists play God it is becomes very ugly indeed - image from the Aurora Consurgens, one of the earliest emblematic alchemical manuscripts - from the early 1400's.

Playing God

If anything is out of accord with its true nature, things will go wrong. For example, if you used a rifle to chop wood, you might chip a few pieces away, but you would most certainly not be working efficiently, and would probably break the rifle.

Similarly, man has a God-given nature, and when that nature is applied in accord with God, things will go far better in a real way than if applied out of accord with God.

We now live in times when man thinks he is God, which is to place man in a position that is polar opposite to God - it is the biggest lie, hence it was Satan who said, 'You will be like Elohim.' That is, you will be like God (Genesis 3:5).

Examples of man behaving as God include:

1. Geo-engineering, which is the engineering of the 'geo', or the world. It includes spraying the skies with chemicals such as aluminium and barium salts. It also includes heating the stratosphere with HAARP in order to prevent rain falling, thereby creating droughts, or, generally using weather as a weapon. The irony of course is that we are told all the time that we must not produce Carbon Dioxide, which is essential for life and has had no effect on 'global warming', while those who tell us this are behind the spraying of our skies with poison in order for them to control the weather so that they can thing they are God.

2. Causing illness and sterilisation and biological engineering via, for example, cancer viruses and poisons and human foetal tissue in vaccines: vaccines which are generally at the very least useless, especially when the main causes of disease are poisoning and lack of nutrition. It should be no surprise that Bill Gates made it clear that he intends to reduce population by vaccines. Other engineering and poisoning is done via unnecessary taking of prescription drugs, such as statins, which dissolve cholesterol, when the brain is mostly made of cholesterol - little wonder the likes of David Cameron predict a huge increase in dementia over the next ten years - yes, a deliberate increase.

3. Genetic engineering, which is basically about an attempt to unzip God's code so that a false creation comes about in the image of Satan following internationalists rather than how God wants it. It is well known that genetically modified food causes a range of diseases such as cancer or bowel disorders, and yet genetically modified ingredients are placed in animal food and our own food as huge international corporations take over food supplies. Genetic engineering is also, no doubt done via vaccines. There have been many cases recently of babies born with shrunken heads, with a condition (Microcephaly) that is said to be caused by the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes. It is interesting to note here that Bill Gates not only wants to reduce the population with vaccines, but also that he wants to vaccinate people with the help of mosquitoes. It is also interesting to note that the Zika virus has connections not only with Bill Gates but also Rockefeller. It is also interesting to note that one of those involved with the total technological control of mankind, Aldous Huxley, wrote Brave New World, a book about the future, in which he talked about the genetically engineered Epsilons, which are basically bred to have stunted growth and inferior intelligence, and when they die they are used as fertiliser. With that in mind you might find the following quotations interesting:
“Ass!” said the Director, breaking a long silence. “Hasn’t it occurred to you that an Epsilon embryo must have an Epsilon environment as well as an Epsilon heredity?”
It evidently hadn’t occurred to him. He was covered with
“The lower the caste,” said Mr. Foster, “the shorter the oxygen.” The first organ affected was the brain. After that the skeleton. At seventy per cent of normal oxygen you got dwarfs. At less than seventy eyeless monsters.
 "But in Epsilons," said Mr. Foster very justly, "we don't need human intelligence."
Notice that in the breeding of Epsilons there is the pseudo practicality of saving oxygen - doesn't this echo nicely the attack on mankind via the carbon dioxide lie that is associated with 'climate change', a main engine of corporate internationalist global government?  
The Epsilon that we are beginning to see via the Zika 'virus' (where do these viruses come from!) is about the total debasement of God's Creation, of mankind.

4.God is Sovereign, and we are meant to have nations, not one global 'authority'. Any government behaving out of accord with God and His Son is therefore about placing man above God. We do not need to look too far to see the consequences of this as we see UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development' - the global corporate control grid plan - implemented throughout the world and pushed by the likes of anyone from members of your local council to Prince Charles to the BBC to Obama and so on. As I explain at my website EndAgenda21.Com, UN Agenda 21 is treason in action - that means it is about betraying your nation and you.

5. The sabotage of justice. In Great Britain, people are coerced into and/or deceived in to paying Council Tax or indeed any tax, whereas such payments are subject to contracts between a man and the corporation that is the local council or, in the case of Great Britain, for example, HMRC. I experienced myself extreme harassment by my local council when I wished to withhold council tax in accord with S13a Local Government and Finance Act 1992, which says that you can have your council tax reduced to 'nil'. The manager responsible for this at my local council acted beyond his authority, did not follow due process, harassed me, did not do his job in accord with statute and, as far as I can see, therefore committed Misfeasance in a Public Office. However, knowing that the Magistrates Courts in such cases are corporations, with CEOs, I made it clear that I had no contract with them either - the same goes for the bailiffs, who, quite wisely it appears, stay away from your property if you use certain notices and do not in any way contract with them. However, not many people know this as the truth is deliberately withheld from them so that law breakers in 'authority' can trample all over you with bailiffs and threats of prison. This is all against Natural Justice, or God's Law, and is another example of man, or some men and women, behaving as if they are God.

There are many other examples of internationalists stepping way above their station (see INTERNATIONALISM).

As I explain in my book GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, I once had a very significant dream in which an angel told me with the threat of the consequences, 'Man must stop thinking he is God.'

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