Things become cleare when the clouds get out of the way.

Mystery Unveiled

Think of a swimmer. He is first taught the ABC of swimming, which he does first in a clunky way. Then, after practice, his swimming technique begins to flow: the ABC of swimming is dissolved into something smoother and more natural and the mystery of swimming is known to him.

But it does not stop there.

Soon the swimmer must learn to swim in the sea, or to swim under water until he has fully mastered swimming at all levels.

And so, one after the other, what were once layers of the mystery of swimming are now known to him.

A child who learns to paint by numbers will soon after practice and familiarisation with colours and composition be able to paint something without the numbers - what he learned with colour and composition has not been lost, but it has dissolved into a fluid method of composition: he has now seen beyond the mystery - and he started out in a clunky way, but finished without the clunks.

This process of starting out in a clunky way but ending up smoothly is universal, and it applies to our spiritual lives.

Jesus 'fulfilled the Law', and Paul extended this teaching even further towards the spiritualisation of the Law, for example via faith through Christ. A helpful article on this subject is entitled Are Old Testament Laws Still Binding on Christians?

These teachings of Christ and Paul reflect the developing nature of our understanding of God and our relationship with Him through His Son. That is, these teachings reflect mankind's 'learning' to be as we are meant to be, or, perhaps I should say, mankind's re-learning of what has been lost and what has been taken via deceit and vulnerability.

In Ephesians 3 1:7 Paul says: '... if indeed you have heard of the administration of the merciful goodwill of God given to me on your behalf - [I] declare that by revelation He made known to me the mystery... in the light of which, in reading, you might realize my understanding in the mystery of the Christ, which to other generations was not made known... of His promise in the Christ through the gospel, of which I was made an agent...'

Well, it is through my work now that we may begin to build on what Paul showed us, so that more of the mystery may be unveiled, so that we may walk even closer in accord with God through Christ. This of course does not mean that one word of the Bible will be changed, but rather that its meaning will be slighty more brought to light.

Just as when we have faith we are more naturally in accord with God through Christ , and thereby do not require the rigidity of the law, such as circumcision, in order to live in accord with God (SEE MORE ON THAT HERE), so, when our knowledge increases about God and His Son with what I shall show you, you should also find it easier to walk in accord with God.

The first language used by God to show His Intention and Purpose to mankind was expressed via the heavens, which is explained very well in Joseph A. Seiss' book, 'The Gospel In The Stars'.

And such sentiment is finely summed up by English poet Edward Young (1683-1765) in his poem Night Thoughts:

"This prospect vast, what is it? - weigh'd aright,
'Tis nature's system of divinity,
And every student of the night inspires.
'Tis elder scripture, writ by God's own hand:
Scripture authentic! uncorrupt by man."

God's second language was of course via the written word, which we know as the Bible.

As you might expect, THE COMPLETION STAGE is when things begin to be 'complete'; so, fittingly, the next step of understanding, the next step of unravelling the mystery includes faith along with the acceptance of the Law, but takes us to another level of understanding of and therefore closeness to God.

This understanding will be assisted by the equally fitting nature of what I have to show you, which is through the combination of the celestial language and the written language.

Thus, whilst faith will still be important, knowing will become important, as God and Christ become clearer not just through the written word but through what we can objectively and logically see and measure in the heavens... and more.

It is stated in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: 'Every passage is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for discipline in righteousness, in order that the man of God can be complete, equipped for every good work.'

These verses have proved to be true... when, that is, the words of the Bible are properly understood, properly interpreted.

The trouble is, the words of the Bible are nowadays seldom understood, and they were seldom if ever fully understood in the past after the Roman Catholic Church took over: we have had enough men and women who believed they stood firmly by the Bible as they did dreadful things, indeed as an excuse for doing such things.

This exploitation of the Bible has helped give the Word of God a bad name.

Note that the verses 2 Timothy 3:16-17 state that 'every passage... is profitable', meaning that the Bible does not contain all there will ever be needed as far as our spiritual positioning is concerned - see more on that at THE DIVIDE PAGE.

Instead, the Bible (the true translation - The Eonian Books) is certainly an incredibly helpful book of God's Word passed onto us via angels, prophets and the Apostles, yes, but, as it is stated in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, this is only within the limits of what is 'profitable'.

In other words, the Bible has provided us with enough for up until now. But as we step into a new level - take the NEXT BIG STEP - it is rather like when Paul  taught and the law of circumcision (Genesis 17:11)  became 'spiritualised', so we now step into a new era of understanding, and, as I have said, as THE COMPLETION STAGE approaches, it is time for us to begin to understand both the written Word of God and the celestial Word, and thereby through that that and other means, remove more of the mystery, all in the context of this world, adding to our understanding accordingly.

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