This was taken at a chapel in Glastonbury not far from the site of the very first 'church' - set up in AD 37 by Joseph of Arimathea.


THE EPIPHANEIA will happen soon - the astrological reference point for it is the 23rd March 2023, which does not mean that it will actually happen on that date in the way we might expect, but it will be around then, give or take a year or so.

That means the 490 year kingdom of God (THE EON) will begin, and there is nothing any one or any thing or any being, man or angel or fallen angel or spirit, can do about stopping it: the 'favourable intervention' is 'divine intervention'.

And so, nothing shall stop us from taking a step closer to God, and the long era of evil - the 'day of man' (1 Corinthians 4:3) or the 'Eon of evil' Galatians 1:4) - comes to an end, and we enter into the era or The Eon, which is promised throughout the Bible as well as in the heavens.

It will help, therefore, if we have a sound comprehension of the Bible (The Eonain Books is the only true translation) as well as a solid understanding of God's celestial language (see my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE), which together certainly confirm what the Bible says but also add to it, so that we may make that big step in both full understanding and faith.

Here are some of the points I have to make:

  1. The language of the heavens, CELESTIAL WORD OF GOD, was God's first indelibale 'Script' that revealed His Purpose, the Bible provides us with the second, and the combination of the two is very powerful
  2. Everything must be known
  3. Knowledge with a capital 'K' in my work is consciousness
  4. Everything must be as it is meant to be - nations must be sovereign nations (not protectorates of criminal corporate cartels), men and women are being destroyed by social engineering so that they are becoming what they are not, and marriage is the union before God between a man and a woman so that they may have children naturally
  5. The absolute importance of honesty and the dangers of lies and deceit
  6. Everything is done and predestined, the understanding of which is truly liberating in a way that is in accord with God
  7. As our realm is being attacked by what we can know as the Principalities of the Air, which is Satan's realm, a level of 'being' outside our own, we must begin to understand the nature of the levels of being, which include that realm and the spirit realm (the realm to which we generally go when we die), and what spirits are, and why they exist and why demons and entities exist. I shall explain these to you
  8. There will be resurrections - I shall explain why - all in accord with the heavens, all in accord with the Bible
  9. If we can perceive and love we shall all enter the New Heaven and New Earth, only when the time is right and only when we truly have faced up to who we are and who the true Jesus Christ is
  10. The Solar System shows very clearly how and why Jesus Christ is in relation to God, his Father, how and why God and Christ are in relationship with you, and the Creation
  11. Why the Solar System and the Creation is what it is, and what the Creation is and how it began
  12. God through Christ is the only true authority - not government, and not men, which means the law must be followed, which is God's Law, as expressed through COMMON LAW, and everyone must be subject to the Rule of Law
  13. Christ is not God - he is not a deity, but he is like no other man with a unique connection to his Father, Yahweh, Almighty God
  14. There is only One God(any 'gods' are either fallen angles or demons) and I shall begin to show you more of His Nature, which is, of course  as it says in John 1:48, based in love (the highest love agape, which is Knowledge)
  15. The kingdom of God is God's Sovereign Rulership through Christ in the heavens of the nations - it lasts for the 490 year EON and precedes the Millennium, which is Christ's 1000 year reign before the total destruction of Satan and the end of death, and the heavens help reveal these facts
  16. The date that marks the beginning of the 490 year kingdom is the 23rd March 2023, as revealed by the heavens, God's celestial language - that means it won't necessarily happen on that day, but will happen thereabouts give or take a year

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