Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky is a very influentual book to western internationalist politicians such as Hilary Clinton and others who are intent on subversion in their nations. Oh, and one more thing, which might not be surprising, the book is dedicated to Lucifer.


Immigration has happened in a very small way since time immemorial, but when we talk about immigration today we are talking about mass immigration, which is centrally planned by internationalists (see INTERNATIONALISM page) to destroy cultures and nations to help weaken people in order to bring in one world corporate government.

This mass immigration has been planned for a long time. In my former local council's Core Strategy from 2008, it was declared, 'The growth figure [massive house-building unwanted by more or less local men and women] is set well above the amount indicated by existing population trends in the Borough, providing for an accelerating rate of net inward migration and local population growth.' 

This 'inward migration', based in a 2002 study, would certainly not be from men and women from around Great Britain, but from abroad. 

It is clear, therefore that massive immigration from abroad has been planned at the very top for a very long time indeed, which means the causes of immigration were known well before they came into being.

That means the 'planners' at high national and international levels were behind the events that have caused the immigration.

It is no surprise, for example, that western governments are behind ISIS (see here and here and here, for example).

It is also no surprise that the international establishment, which is behind all governments, is behind the deliberate implosion of the world economy, in an effort to bring about corporate communitarian global government.

Such things are no surprise because they are all part of Clowerd and Piven plan. Here is a short article on Clowerd and Piven.

As you can see, Clowerd and Piven is about destroying economies, so that people become dependant on the government, which means dependent on the internationalist cartels that work pulling the strings behind government.

Many might wonder, why destroy economies?

It is clear that it is about control and power. The top brass of the soviets, for example, had all they wanted; meanwhile, the people were shackled and crushed by a poor economy, with all the rewards for their efforts being under total control of the government, and, as ever, those behind the government. It is slavery.

Yes, indeed, the very same people behind Clowerd and Piven are those behind the stock markets and international banks and corporations, which have brought great wealth, but fake wealth (see usury on the ECONOMICS page).

By boosting wealth in one nation at the same time as destroying it in another, and then attacking the weaker nation (for example with ISIS or by destroying economies), and then opening the borders of the wealthier nation, you destroy both, while, giving the internationalists all the benefits of the technological advances in the wealthier nations.

It is worth noting that these rapid technological advances of the wealthier nations are as fake as the satanic forces behind them. The advances in technology are fake, just as what Satan wants to produce is a facsimile fake world. This is explained in detail in my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE.

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