Properly sourced organic non-GMO supplements (which you won't find in supermarkets), and home grown food and filtered water (not bottled water), will have a positive effect on your health.
Above is a video about the daners of Smart Meters - worth watching.

If you have wi-fi in your home or you live near phone masts and such like, watch this important interview about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.


(Without Prejudice - Please note that I am not a health practitioner and the information below is not advice - please do plenty of your own research before making moves to improve your health and contact a health practitioner.)

When you know what’s going on in the world, when you understand the manoeuvres being made against you in the shadows via governments and local governments and international corporations, you can make far better informed decisions (see the UNDER ATTACK page). And one of the most important decisions you can make concerns health.

When you know that there is a concerted Satanic attack against mankind (as talked of in the Bible, for example Psalm 2) and you know about the dangers to which we are all deliberately exposed you will begin to learn how to avoid or reduce exposure to many dangerous things.

These include wi-fi, mobile phone masts, smart meters, vaccines, the vast majority of Big Pharmaceuticals (notably poisons such as statins), root canals, television, most cosmetics, man-made deodorants, genetically modified food, food from animals fed on genetically modified food, food that has been sprayed, water in plastic bottles and so on and so on.

You will also be quick to filter your water with a powerful filter to remove, for example, the deadly poisons such as fluoride, glyphoctes that are found in Monsanto's pesticides and cause cancer and kidney disease etc.

Talking of filtering, if you live in a built-up area you might find that you are bathing in dangerous electromagnetic pollution in the form of wi-fi and mobile phone masts, in which case it might well be a good idea to get yourself protected by a faraday cage (see both vidoes alongside).

For further benefits, you may begin to grow your own food, or at least buy it from a trusted grower. And you will become far more vegetable and fruit orientated, rather than meat and dairy orientated – and when you eat meat you will do your best to ensure that it has not been fed genetically modified food or has been filled with medicines such as anti-biotics.

Of course, you will also reduce or remove your intake of refined sugar, tobacco and alcoholic drinks, all of which are now generally impure, genetically modified or taken so much that they become dangerous.

As you become more aware of the truth in this world you will most probably begin to discover the importance of colloidal silver, which can stop colds, stop infection, viruses and bacteria. Little surprise that milk used to be preserved with a silver dollar and hospital handles used to be silver and that water purification tablets contain silver.

I know through experience and that of many others that colloidal silver stops bacterial infection. Pulling coconut oil is also a powerful anti-disease treatment. I know two people who have used it to remove gum abscesses, when it was the dentists’ opinion that the teeth should be removed. I have also seen pulling coconut oil stopping athlete’s foot. It also whitens the teeth, and has many more benefits.

Then there is coconut oil: that is, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. It’s superb for skin, the gut, the brain (it has been shown to reverse Alzheimer’s).

Then there are the mineral supplements and vitamin supplements and oil supplements. Magnesium is, for example, vital to help prevent heart attacks and strokes and stress. Fulvic minerals are extremely beneficial, as is organic vitamin C, properly sourced vitamin D, and the B vitamins. Omega 3’s 6’s and such like are also essential to help prevent and treat arthritis and other diseases.

I have seen the positive effect of cannabis oil against cancer. I have also seen the power treatments such as GcMAF have against cancer. Also helpful against cancer, I understand, are lemon juice, an alkaline diet, pure gum oil turpentine, kerosene, well sourced (i.e. not supermarkets) vitamin D3 and sodium bicarbonate.

Clean (ie without aluminium) sodium bicarbonate is also the best deodorant I have ever used, and, probably, it helps alkalize the body.

Health is also improved or maintained by moderate exercise, such as walking and some weight bearing exercise.

Prayer to God through His Son (true prayer) is also without doubt very helpful, as is calming the mind with a long peaceful walk, Chi Gong, certain breathing exercises and so on.

It is worth asking the question here why the Cancer Act 1939 came into being. This Act, amongst other things states: '...No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement— S.4 1(a) containing an offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof...'

Strange, don't you think, that two or three decades after this we had a huge increase in cancer, which has not only brought plenty of cash to big international corporations, it has brought misery, agony, fear and confusion to the people in nations across the world?

It is not so strange, perhaps, when you recognise that there are cancer viruses put in vaccines, that fluoride (a deadly industrial waste, which causes cancer) is put in water supplies, that genetically modified food that our governments in cahoots with international corporations such as Monsanto push on us causes cancer, and so on.

Television is not just dangerous as a tempter to make you sit down more than you otherwise would, thereby negatively affecting both your mental and physical health, it is also the vehicle of social engineering and mind-altering propaganda, which helps stop you using your mind and helps stop you, in fact, from being what you are meant to be - little surprise that women have been sold the lie that it is better for them to abandon their maternal instincts and thereby be at the heart of the family. Televisions also emit radioactive material.

Mobile phones, smart meters and wireless telephones also emit dangerous amounts of electromagnetic radiation, causing brain cancers, fatigue and such like (see videos alongside). They also cut you off from men and women and the world, as do tablets and computers, when you let them. The world will be a far better place when we no longer have such devices.

I have just touched upon the surface. There is so much good information now available that can help you get closer to being what you're really meant to be and therefore being one step closer to EONIAN LIFE, to truly fulfilling your potential not only with regards to health, but also to all other areas of your life!

As it is often said, our default position is a healthy one, and given the correct conditions we always revert to a healthy status quo. It is also said that the only real threats against health are poisoning and lack of good nutrition. I would also like to add a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, a sense of humour, good friends, love, a spouse to whom you are loyal, and an active, clean mind.

Here is a website that you might find helpful:

AncientPurity.Com - here there are plenty of detailed pieces on the benefits of supplements.

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