God's Actions come in periods of time, or Eons (see THE EON page) - we are currently in 'the dispensation of grace', soon to enter into THE EPIPHANEIA.

God's Actions

It is reasonable to ask why God 'allows' all the horrors to happen in the world, within His Creation.

First of all, we must recognise how the Creation is created. As I have showed you in GOD MAKES HIS MOVE(see Part 2, The Astrology of God) if we look at the Creation in a totally fundamental way, the Creation is the result of a natural process: a process that happens when the total unity of Knowledge (what you might call the highest form of love - agape -or perhaps something higher than that) is 'mixed' with the total unity of Nothing, which is exactly what the word says - nothing at all.

But, as we try to understand what the Creation is and how it came about, many of us project our own experiences to come to our conclusions. For example, we consider God sitting at a drawing board and planning and executing His plans, which He does in a way, but certainly not how we might think of it.

It is like a flower growing - it must go through a process before it flowers. A flower takes takes weeks to bloom; and during that time the flower can appear to be held back before it blooms.

And as we project ourselves onto God, we may become exasperated and angry at what we see happening about us: we are going through one of the darker stages in the process, which, in my terms, is the Potential Stage, when much of what was hidden throughout history and the fear associated with it must be faced, because everything must be known. Hence our difficult times now.

In the terms of the Bible, the Potential Stage means that we are at the closing stages of the Age of Evil or the 'Eon of Evil' - we are approaching the 'last days', those that precede THE EPIPHANEIA and then the kingdom of God (THE EON), which precedes the Milennium.

Talking of the Bible, we are also going through what is known as the 'dispensation of Grace', which is, basically, when God sits back and allows man to do as he thinks fit - hence we are going through 'the day of man' (1 Corinthians 4:3), which is also known as 'the Eon of evil' or 'the Eon of darkness' (Galatians 1:4; Ephesians 6:12).

But the 'dispensation of Grace' is not the same as the 'day of man' or the 'Eon of Evil', for the former has been going on for a lot longer than the 'dispensation of grace'.

The 'dispensation of Grace' is rather like a father being hands off with his children, allowing them to 'find themselves' by making their own decisions and experiencing the consequences of them.

And when mistakes are made or the situation becomes too dangerous, so dangerous that ultimate destruction may come about, so the father steps in again and the children remember that they have a father to look to and guide them: the one who has lived through all experiences and therefore knows best, and whose rules are set not just arbitrarily, but for a reason or for many reasons that arise from the truth that experience delivers.

This principle applies with God and His relationship with us during the dispensation of grace (see image alongside for the timeline) Man has been given a free reign to see for himself how he gets along without God's direct lead. And, as we can see, man has done a very bad job of it, not least because of THE DIVIDE, its main conduit, Satan, and all those who are channels for The Divide.

We are now very close to a time when God literally makes His move - when He steps back in and implements His Sovereignty, openly applies His Authority, via, initially, THE EPIPHANEIA and then His Sovereign Rulership of the nations of this world through Christ from the heavens, otherwise known as the 490 year kingdom of God (THE EON).

Some may quite rightly say that God is always Sovereign, and may ask why, if He is Sovereign, He does not apply it all the time and thereby save us a lot of misery.

To answer this, consider in a little more detail the above example about the father stepping in and applying his authority over his children.

A man with a big house. His children are in one room, making a mess, doing as they wish, as children with their limited understanding do. The room is under the sovereignty of the father, because he owns the house; but his sovereignty is not applied, or not put into effect, in that room until he enters it and sees the mischievous behaviour.

When this happens, let us consider the children, and what they do. Yes, they stop, and look up as if they have been 'caught in the act'. They feel guilty and must tidy up the room.

This entering of the room by the father is similar to THE EPIPHANEIA, and the ensuing kingdom of God, as God re-asserts His Authority through His Son, which means that when we have the Epiphaneia there will be a widespread recognition of Jesus Christ, his resurrection and the fact that he is the Son of God, from that we shall have the reassertion of God's Law, which is done via COMMON LAW.

At a level, the entire process is about our knowing we exist by making decisions of our own in relation to what is Absolute Truth, Who is God.

And we shall know who we are, or our true nature, when we step aside from our bad ways, for it is this stepping away from the bad ways to what is good that helps define us. That does not of course mean that we should do bad things, for Christ wa without sin, and yet knew good from evil without indulging in evil.

And within the structure of the Truth, we shall find our greatest freedom, because that is what we are - just as an apple feels far more at home within the limits and reality of an apple tree than a cherry would on the same tree.

So, it is not that God created a bad situation for us, and allowed us to have a terrible time: it is more about the fact that we must grow through a process towards total accord with who we really are, which is to be part of God through Christ, and to recognise God's Authority.

Faith and The Divide

It is also about THE DIVIDE.

The Divide, as I explain, is the non-essence of separation us from God. It is 'part' of us all. And our task is to know all things that are associated with us, which means we must know The Divide. And initially the way this is done is to work through faith with God through Christ.

We need faith, as we are divided from God in a way that we cannot see or recognise God. This dealing with The Divide by staying close to God is the best way to 'know' The Divide.

The dangerous and forbidden way to know our 'bit' of The Divide, or the 'bit' that we are associated with, is deliberately to do, or deliberately experience, what is separate from God. This would include the antics of Satanists, whose maxim is 'Do as thou wilt - that is the whole of the law'.

But, 'do as thou wilt' in this satanic or luciferian way and you will one day experience the horror and/or difficulties of isolation that you have chosen to be.

You will experience this horror because by living in accord with The Divide you have lived deliberately in separation from Who is One.

And since we shall know the Truth, which is that we are at one with God through a relationsuip with Him, we shall experience our negative actions and omissions, as if they were being done to us.

That is, we shall experience separation from God just as consciously as we lived it and chose to live it.

And that means we shall experience levels of intense isolation.

So, like children need to spend time making their own decisions and errors and suffering the consequences as they play under their parents' watch, if we want to grow into the real powerful men and women that God has created us to be, we profit for a time by 'living away' from God: that is, 'living away' from God so that His presence is not obvious while we have the opportunity to use the knowledge and understanding (for example through true astrology and the Bible) to make good or bad decisions, without any direct action on God's behalf.

This making of decisions good and bad allows us to know our will in relation to God's Will; which is, in truth, as we shall find out, only our true will when it is in accord with God's Will, through a strong relationship with Him through His Son.

So, with faith, this process of 'living away' from God eventually leads us truly to knowing what is right for us; and we shall find what is right for us when we have EONIAN LIFE.

And so, by holding back during the 'dispensation of grace' for example, God is actually acting on our behalf; no matter how terrible it may seem right now. If He did not hold back and allow us to live as we wish, while furnishing with His Word (albeit quite severly corrupted until The Eonian Books were published), He would be like an interfering parent, one who, as a result of the interference, raised children who were stunted emotionally and stunted in dealing with the world.

So, whilst we may be having difficult times, we might benefit from using them as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God through His Son through faith by using The Eonian Books (the Bible) and true astrology (see CELESTIAL WORD OF GODpage). For if you can strenthen faith, then just imagine how powerful you will be in accord with God when you don't just have faith, but you know!


It is worth noting that we are not talking here about 'karma' here, for as it states at Titus 3: 4-5, 'But when the kindness and love of God our Saviour towards man was made to intervene favourably - not out of works of righteousness which we practised but in relation to His mercy - He saved us through the regenerative washing utensil and renewing of the divine spirit, which He poured on us through Jesus Christ our Saviour, in order that, having been pronounced righteous through His merciful goodwill, we might become heirs in relation to a gladly-held expectation of Eonian Life.'

That is to say, since God is The Total Unity, if we are touched by Him through Christ, all that is divided or has been of The Divide in our life will be washed away, so that we do not necessarily experience our actions in the way karma or cause and effect can be experienced.

When there is a 'favourable intervention', it is rather like having a huge dose of Knowledge, or consciousness, which would prevent the isolation experience mentioned above.

But, since it is an out pouring of Knowledge or consciousness, it would involve the recognition of, or the knowing of, what was wrong, never to return to it.

Mind you, it is worth noting that you would not have reached that point if it were not for your accumulated actions and experiences in your Existence (see THE GROWTH OF KNOWLEDGE page).

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