Family - the basic building block of mankind, which is why it is continually attacked.


Family is an essential building block of a good world, which is why it has been under attack by the Satan-orientated internationalists (see INTERNTIONALISM page).

We see this attack manifesting wherever we look as government assumes the position of parents, while those parents are kept ignorant of their true rights.

Watch this short film - Meet Your Strawman to understand a little how children are taken over by government - government rotten to the core with institutional child abuse, of course.

institutional child abuse is rife because those with positions of power need to be controlled, so if you entice men and women to be involved with vile practices then they are very easily blackmailed; not to mention the dark rituals associated with child abuse and the fear it creates.

A revealing book on child abuse is How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by 'Illuminati Fomula', which is Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler.

Family is also attacked by the constant barrage of sex and pornography in the media, along with the SOCIAL ENGINEERING, which induces men and women to think that they should be free of all family responsibilities and natural roles so that they may follow an empty 'career'.

Men and women who watch popular trash in the media are brainwashed into thinking that relationships are all about sex and the initial romantic spark in a relationship.

But you only need to look at nature to see that it is quite normal for sex to be for a limited time only, the desire for which emerges periodically. And it is worth noting that, as most of you are no doubt aware, romance is only for the beginning of the relationship, as life is not one long romantic comedy.

The relationship between a man and a women, one that has for example a spiritual connection or perhaps an intellctual and friendly one, emerges from the work done on the relationship, the things shared by the couple, the challenges shared by the couple - NOT just sex, as portrayed books and films such as 50 Shades of Grey.

Of course, the physical relationship aspect does play a part, should the couple require it, but only in the context of everything else.

Incidentally, my mentioning 50 Shades of Grey reminds me of a conversation I had with a young woman recently. She said that there are not two sexes but many, all different shades of the other, perhaps reflecting an opinion that had been shaped by the aforementioned film.

Whereas, of course, there are two sexes and two sexes alone - male and female. There is not an in between, just as there a Sun (masculine) and a Moon (feminine). Yes, of course, as a result of the biological and chemical and social engineering that we are currenly subjected to we have manifestations nowadays of all sorts of shapes and sizes, but these are not sexes: rather they are diluted forms of the two sexes, mixed in various ways.

ASTROLOGY and/or THE GROWTH OF KNOWLEDGE,  consistent with what the Bible has to say, make it very clear that we must know who we are; and our most fundamental ingredients are Nothing (Moon, female) and Knowledge (Sun, masculine).

That means they must be known and experienced in their entirety, with their form made perfectly clear, not in 'shades of grey', which is clearly from the soup of lack of definition and therefore weakness, which is what those at the top of the social engineers would like us to be - weak, just shades of our true selves, in the face of an emerging satanic global government.

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