'Chemtrails' - evidence of geo-engineering over Kent, in England, Great Britain - that is, real man-made climate (or weather) change - the internationalist corporate spraying of our skies to alter the weather, otherwise known as geo-engineering.

Climate Change

There is no man-made climate change and climate has always fluctuated.

Man adapts to climate fuctuations easily enough.

There is no reason why paying 'green taxes' to international corporations will have any effect on climate, unless, perhaps the money goes towards the geo-engineering programme, in accord with men thinking they are God (See PLAYING GOD page).

Please note that the real man-made climate change (ie weather manipulation) is done by the corporate internationaist elite with their geo-engineering programme.

That means, spraying our skies with chemicals such as barium and aluminium salts in order to alter the weather and engineer it into what you might call their image.

There are many who doubt that such a diabolical programme is being inflicted upon us without any discussion in the media.

If you doubt it, you might like to begin your research by clicking here and getting your free download of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee - The Regulation of Geo-engineering.

For sound information on climate, you would do well to listen to Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction.Com.

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