A possible astrological chart for Jesus - set for 28th February 0007 BC - Bethlehem, Israel.

Christ's Chart

Everyone and every individual thing that comes about in this world has an astrological chart. That's because each chart is set for the first independent moment (eg the first independent breath of a new born child) of being here in this world. This includes inanimate objects, such as nations.

Of course, a nation does not have consciousness, but it exists, and is perceived in relation to all those who perceive, and so it has a beginning a middle and ends, with events and changes that are perceived in accord with what is happening in the nation’s chart.

So, the charts of inanimate objects have the properties of being perceived, whereas all that lives and loves and perceives have the properties of doing the perceiving. And since all are part of one, the changes happen in synchronicity.

The reason why all things have a chart is that all things here in this realm, this physical realm that is separate from the Spirit Realm (see SPIRIT AND PHYSICAL REALMS), are separate, and therefore have separate ingredients, which are reflected by the planets in a chart. Think of the white light that is divided by the prism (see THE DIVIDE page).

This is why Jesus had an astrological chart.

After some time and effort I worked out a chart that could well plausibly be Christ’s chart.

As you can see, I have set the chart for 28th February 0007 at 00:34 in Bethlehem, Israel.

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