It's understandable that, after centruries of lies, people have a few questions about the Bible.

Bible Questions

In my experience, some of the main opposing arguments against Christ and the Bible seem to be:

1.  How can you have a virgin birth?
2.  How can someone walk on water!
2.  Water into wine? What nonsense!

These points are often followed with something like, 'I believe in science - science has the answers.'

Whereas, of course, science is only a tiny fraction of the Creation. Take a look at an astrological chart, for example. It has been shown to contain all things from government to our relationship to God to child birth to relationships to creativity to death to learning to science and so on. It does not take much thought therefore to recognise that science is only a very small portion of all things, and it is contained within the chart and, indeed, within the Creation.

No matter, science and logic and reason certainly help us understand things, so let's consider the above problems in the light of science, logic and reason, beginning with the virgin birth - how did it come about?

Yes, of course, you could say that God did it, citing that He is the Creator of the entire Creation, which means that causing a virgin to have a child would be, literally, child's play, or even easier than that. But, understandably, this answer does not go down too well with doubters.

Now consider consciousness, which I talk about in a little more detail on the THE GROWTH OF KNOWLEDGE - see Part 2 of my book GOD MAKES HIS MOVE.

Basically, where there is consciousness here in this Physical (Energy) Realm, there is energy, which makes the form of that consciousness.

Consider our thoughts. They have been shown to 'be' electric (energy). This is true enough, up to a point, as the thought itself is not electric, but rather a thought here in this world manifests in the form of electricity, or with a 'skin' of electricity. Thoughts have recently been shown at John Hopkins University to control a bionic arm.

This is rather like when a hand goes into a glove - it is not the glove that does the moving, but rather the hand within, or, even the mind of the man who has his hand in the glove. And so, it is no surprise that our thoughts can be detected by electrical sensors.

Consider also when you focus on someone. They often turn to look at you. Or when someone is gazing at you, you turn to look to them. That is because your attention or your thoughts are being projected so much so that they can be detected, and since this causes a thought in whoever is being watched, so there would be an electrical imprint somewhere involving this.

Indeed, I am sure that if we had equipment that is sensitive enough to the faintest electrical impulse, it would detect thoughts from a distance, again showing that it is the mind that makes the matter, or, at least imprints into the matter.

Now consider if that mind were the mind of God. Imagine the power of that. Do you not think that it would be quite easy enough to enable a woman to become pregnant? After all, a man's sperm, as with all things, is simply an imprint into this Energy Realm of consciousness, or, as it says in 2 Corinthians 4:18, 'the unseen'.

Now, of course, we enter into the realm of creating things with our thoughts, and we may stumble upon Satan-orientated ideologies, such as that of the 'Laws of Attraction', which promote desire-orientated thought and the satanic hubris that we are gods or God (see Satan's lie - Genesis 3:5).

That is to say, people might think that they can begin to affect things around them with their own thoughts, making them the Creator, but also, rendering them completely isolated; that's because, if I am the Creator of my reality, then my reality is cut from yours and everyone else's. And isolation is always the reality of being in accord with Satan, or, I should say, THE DIVIDE.

Death is also the outcome of being to a certain extent in accord with Satan or The Divide, as the non essence that Satan 'carries' is The Divide - the divide from Life and from God, which is, eventually total death.

And so, we must be in accord with God as much as we possibly can. And then, as Jesus said, if we have as much 'faith' as a 'mustard seed' we could move a mountain (Matthew 17:20). For then we shall have the power of the Creator with what we do, and we shall indeed, if our will is in accord with His, be able to do anything - literally anything. I am sure that we shall see more of what this means when we are in the New Heaven and New Earth.

It should now be easy for you to understand how easy it was for Jesus to turn water into wine or to walk on water, how God made the world in 7 days... mind you, it wasn't actually the world - see God Makes His Move.

This is nothing to do with magic, because magic is about illusion and therefore with what is not true or real, whereas God is about what is True and Real.

The realm of magic is the realm that is connected to lies and manipulation, which is The Divide.

'Create' anything using that and whilst it may appear to be real it will simply be a veil, which will soon disintegrate to reveal what is of The Divide, which is death and isolation.

One last point - when you really know what's going on in the world, when you have dug deep enough to see who is behind the fraud, the treason, the usury, the mass abortions, the terrorisn, the wars, the starvation, the spraying of our skies, the internationalism, the pollution, the attack on truth, the undermining of Christ, you find satanists or luciferians - basically people who worship the 'god of this Eon' (2 Corinthians 4:4), people who have been seduced by The Divide - and guess what, they beleive in Christ, they beleive in God, they know Christ was resurrected from the dead, and they don't like Christ or his Father, because Christ is Satan's nemesis - Christ will destroy Satan.

For a more in depth understanding of the subject please have a look in my book, God Makes His Move.

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