Astrology and Divination

It states clearly in the Bible – no divination. No 'monthly prognostications'. And, as a consequence, although the Bible is packed with astrology, people who rigidly follow the Bible dismiss astrology as something evil.

But this is like saying that because people use the Bible to predict things (Bibliomancy) then the Bible is evil.

I agree with the Bible’s position – monthly prognostications are wrong. They are like weekly or monthly horoscopes, which only serve as a fix, rather than point you to God.

But what is divination in the context of the Bible?

Again it is something that is about predicting things in a way that leads you away from God, for example as a fix from one prediction to another.

And, understandably, it is forbidden, and can have links with the dark realms, the Principalities of the Air (see more on that inmy book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE).

However, we see in Acts 1:26 that the Apostles want to know who is to be in charge, and so, they ask God to guide them through the drawing of lots.

Some may say that this is divination, as it is about making a decision from the random outcome of drawing lots.

But, clearly, the entire process is well within the boundaries of respecting God and assisting the Purpose of God.

Having a look at someone’s astrological chart in various ways can assist people to understand themselves or particular relationships or in respect of their potential and many other areas so that they are freed from unnecessary and often debilitating obstacles and fears.

This can help them to get on with their lives – in accord with God, through the correct use of His celestial Script, and His Purpose, and, therefore, also with the true written Word of God.

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