I'm not so sure that answers are blowing in the wind, but you can certainly find them in the heavens.


Astrology works according to the principle that nothing exists in isolation, which means that a thing derives its meaning from what is around it.

So, for example, there is no black without white, and so on.

That means everything is defined by what is around it, or what it relates to, so, for example, the definition of black is actually in the white.

And everything on Earth is in relation to the the planets, whose relationship between each other reflects the meaning of things here on Earth, which means it reflects what those things are.

And it has been discovered through millennia of astrological study (the study of the meaning of the celestial bodies) and work such as mine in my book GOD MAKES HIS MOVE that the planets can be used as ingredients to what is experienced here. Therefore since we have records of the past, present and future positions of the planets we can see into the past, the present and the future.

One of the things, amongst many, that astrology (which in its true sense is God's celestial Word), or God’s celestial Word, and the Bible, God’s written Word, have in common is that they show that everything is already done – predestined to be as it is. As it states in Ecclesiastes 1: 9, 'The thing which has been is what will be, and what is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the Sun.'

Events, including for example the birth of a virgin child, can be predicted accurately with astrology just as they have been with the Bible.

Astrology, which you could describe as God's first Script, preceded the written Word of God, but since the written Word began to take precedence the two have been separated in this realm of division or THE DIVIDE.

As Joseph H. Seiss states in his book, The Gospel in the Stars: 'According to Drummond, "Origen tells us that it was asserted in the Book of Enoch (quoted by the apostle Jude) that in the time of that patriarch the constellations were already named and divided."Albumazer attributes the invention of both Zodiacs to Hermes; and Hermes, according to the Arab and Egyptian authorities, was the patriarch Enoch. Josephus and the Jewish rabbis affirm that the "starry lore" had its origin with the antediluvian patriarchs, Seth and Enoch.'

But now, as we approach THE COMPLETION STAGE, so things, including these languages or Scripts of the heavens and the written Word are beginning to come together, to join with mutual respect, so that each magnify the other, so that their meaning is strengthened.

Of course, there is plenty of resistance against astrology and its true purpose, as in this realm of The Divide all Truth is divided.

But, as I explain on THE CELESTIAL WORD OF GOD page, we are approaching the Completion Stage, when all comes together.

However, I must here say that there are a handful of passage in the Bible that are said to dismiss astrology as dangerous. These include Isaiah 47: 12-15, where it says:

'You are wearied in the multitude of your counsels; now let the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly new Moon prognosticators stand up and save you from these things which will come on you. And you will see, they will be like stubble; the fire will burn them; they will not deliver themselves from the power of the flame; there will not be a coal to warm by nor a fire to sit in front of - so will those with whom you have laboured become to you; your merchant from your youth will stagger onwards, each one to his own quarter; nobody will save you.' 

But, as I explain in detail in my book, God Makes His Move, 'Not one of these [passages against 'astrology'] forbids astrology in the real way it should be used, which... is ultimately to help point us towards God and help reaffirm the importance of our true spiritual position. Indeed, some people use the Bible for divination (Bibliomancy); does that mean that because such an activity is wrong that the Bible is wrong? No, of course not; it is simply about context, about what it is used for; which can be judged by its fruits.'

And during the Completion Stage both of these languages will assist in the world’s understanding of God, unlocking new meaning until the New Heaven and the New Earth in which neither will be required, as all good will be done, and all division cast out.

Consider the time when Joseph of Arimathea arrived in Britain and met the druids. He was welcomed by the druids, who were connected to the Levites, the priest tribe of Israel, of the lost tribes of Israel - of the true Israelites - those connected to 'Isaac's sons', later known as the Sacae, and eventually known as the Saxons. Hence the word British comes from the two Hebrew words Brit and ish, which means covenant people.

The druids were not blood thirsty pagans, but rather well educated worshippers of the One God (read this book by Isabel Hill Elder - Celts, Druids and Culdee). They sacrificed only in accord with Biblical sacrifice, and who were well versed in the earliest language of God for the world, which is astrology – hence Stonehenge is about the circle of the heavens and the meaning of the celestial bodies.

Blackstone, the great English jurist, wrote :

'The ancient British Church was a stranger to the Bishop of Rome, and all his pretended authorities.'

As I touch upon on the Celestial Word Of God page, the druids were happy to hear the news that Christ, who they knew had arrived, perhaps via their astrological understanding, just as the Magi knew that Christ was born.
It says in George F. Jowett's book, The Drama of the Lost Disciples:

''…The astounding fact is that whereas the Sadducean Judeans were never familiar with the name of the Messiah, His name was known to the British long before the memorable event transpired on Golgotha's Hill. It was a name familiar on the lips of every Briton. The indisputable fact is that the Druids proclaimed the name first to the world. A translation from a reading in the ancient Celtic Triads is:
“The Lord our God is One. Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord Yesu; He is the King of Glory.”
How the Druidic Priesthood knew the consecrated name so long beforehand is indeed a mystery in itself. The name 'Yesu' was incorporated in the Druidic Trinity as the Godhead. In Britain the name Jesus never assumed its Greek or Latin form. It was always the pure Celtic 'Yesu'. It never changed.''

The druids were also happy that Christ’s teachings were being spread about the world by Joseph of Arimathea, Mary’s uncle, and many Apostles, along with Mary, Christ’s mother and others.

And because of this, the circle, which was the symbol of the druids and the cross, the symbol of Christ’s teachings, were drawn together for the first church, which, according to George F Jowett in The Drama of the Lost Disciples, was built by Joseph in Glastonbury on the site of what is now the ruin of Glastonbury Abbey and '... was sixty feet in length and twenty-six feet wide, following the pattern of the Tabernacle. The task was completed between A.D. 38 and 39...'

The new symbol is the cross with the circle, which is sometimes known as the Celtish cross – the druids and the British, as well as the Gauls, were Celts, and therefore of the tribes of Israel.

And so we had the ‘Old Testament’ and the ‘New Testament’ merging on British shores with mutual understanding that intensified the meaning of both, but which also moved on to a whole new understanding of, and relationship with, God.

As I have said, one of the main teachings of both astrology and the Bible is that everything is done – it is predestined, and is, even, already in existence and will always be so.

I explain why this is in my book God Makes His Move. I also explain that we do not create, but rather Creation happens to us.

Some say that this places us in an irresponsible frame of mind. They say that if we know that everything is done then we shall just do as we wish, without any moral sense or common sense. But such fears are not founded in reality, because to understand such a truth is to be at a level when moral sense and common sense are hugely respected. Such an understanding therefore corresponds with a higher spiritual understanding.

That is why these days propaganda and brainwashing and ‘spiritual’ fads have the common goal of making us think that we can ‘create our reality’, that we can have what we wish, even though our wishes might be totally out of sync with God’s Truth and with real destiny. The claim that we can create our own reality is an oblique claim that we are gods, which is a promise of Satan, and therefore a lie, because he is about THE DIVIDE, and therefore what division from God and therefore division from Truth.

If we could create our reality then it would also be out of sync with everyone else’s reality, which would be impossible. Not only this, we would live in total and utter isolation, which is the aim of Satan, as total division from all that we know is the nature of The Divide, which is, really, the essence or non essence of Satan.

So, when we fully understand true astrology and when we fully understand the true Bible (The Eonian Books) we are beyond the random desires of this or that, but are instead in accord with God, the Father of Christ. We are therefore beyond death, because we are beyond all division from God, Who is Life. We therefore have EONIAN LIFE.

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