No one can deny that the world's in
a bit of a bad place right now.
But not so many people know
that one of the
most wonderful moments
in the history of the world
is now very close:
it's the 'gladly held expectation,
and the favourable intervention' (Titus 2:13)
and it's time to get prepared for it!

The Root of Our Problems

One of the main roots of all our problems, such as terrorism or war or famine or pollution or the corporate take over of our nations, is the crushing of our law, which is COMMON LAW, which is God's Law applied by man's common sense and reason.

In Common Law nations, which range from the Republic of America to Canada to Great Britain to Kenya to India to Australia to New Zealand, Common Law is ultimate in power. And it is still there for you evoke. And I stress, Common Law is still here, it still exists and it trumps all other law.

Being God's Law, the Common Law is for all men, from king right down to the ordinary man, which means that all men, no matter who, are governed by it. No one is exempt!

Because it is for eveyone, Common Law is simple - it is based in the premise that you can do as you wish as long as you do not harm or defraud any man or woman. Any man who has true integrity, who believes in that integrity will be free.

Common Law therefore protects your God-given individual rights, and protects you from man-made law.

Common Law is distinct from civil law. Civil law is man-made law. Civil law is therefore the random law of government, which is designed to favour the few over the many, as illustrated in anything from communist and fascist nations to the communitarian EU.

As we pass from one deliberately engineered distraction to the next, the Common Law has been deliberately hidden from our eyes, so much so that it has not been taught in universities for decades - and yet it is still the foundation of our our nations and it is there for you to apply.

A good example of these deliberately engineered distractions is the privatisation of public assets that happened over the 1970's and 1980's. While eveyone was squabbling over left and right politics, what was really happening was the transformation of government departments into for-profit corporations with Chief Executive Officers, Customer Services and with international connections. It was the flipping of the social contract, which is fully acceptable, into commercial contract, which is not necessarily so - certainly not so when it is forced upon us.

Now, under Common Law a corporation has no power over any man or woman unless they contract [Common Law] with it; which means no one need pay property tax (Council Tax) or Income Tax, unless they contract with the corporation in question, which means no one is obliged to fund terrorism, CLIMATE CHANGE, war, UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development', mass IMMIGRATION, treason, social engineering, geo-engineering and much more.

Looming Second Tower of Babel

It is not difficult to see that those who benefit from hiding Common Law are those behind governments and the international corporations: those who want to enslave us.

And so it is essential that we know not only what the true law [God's Law through man's common sense and reason - Common Law] is, but also why it is, its nature and how to apply it.

Take a step further and you will recognise that, as international corporate dictatorship moves towards taking over the world, a nationless second Tower of Babel is being build right in front of our eyes(see the INTERNATIONALISM page).

Satan was behind the first Tower of Babel, and he is behind this new one, which is why the Common Law is under attack.

Yes, you could say that the real attack is perhaps not Common Law, but rather God and His Son and our relationship with them - an attack that is exercised not only through government but also through all religions and education at all levels.

Indeed, this attack has been so successful that, quite understandably, fewer and fewer people now believe in God or in any being beyond themselves. That means they fall very easily into the trap of man's law, which is enslavement.

But how can anyone take any steps away from this trap and begin truly to apply Common Law unless they have an understanding not only of the eveils of this world and their origins, but also an understanding of God and His Son in a way that makes sense?

Of course, they cannot: how can you work propely with God's Law unless you know God as best as you can? How can you live an upright and truly free life unless you are in accord with God? You cannot - you will always fall short.

An all-round understanding

And so, this website is not only about helping you recognise the problems of this world, it is also about helping you understanding God and His Son. And I do this with the help of a true translation of the Bible, The Eonian Books, and the other 'Word' of God, which is the language of the heavens and how and why they provide us with clues to fuurther our understanding of God's Nature in a way that is consistent with the Bible.

I do this with reference to my book, GOD MAKES HIS MOVE, which you can download for free from this website, or purchase a hard copy.

In fact, in this website I aim to combine true history and true current affairs (not the deception we are fed at schools and universities and through the media!) and true spirituality. I therefore give a real context to our true spiritual position, which is helped by the Solar System (confirms our spiritual position), your health, the law and such more, all connected by the very same principles.

This website therefore provides you with a basic all-round understanding, with the main subjects all interlinked, so that you can begin to see clearly the real big picture and its details and therefore its meaning at as many levels as possible, which in turn is the only real way you can begin to understand God and apply His Law.

I have created the website so that these subjects are generally interlinked. So, on each page you will find links to other pages, and links to other websites and information.

I have also found it necessary to repeat some material. This is, of course, a consequence of the nature of things that are interlinked. But I have kept this to a minimum; though I trust you will find the small amount of repetition more of a help than a hindrance.

Finally, please note that, unless stated otherwise, all quotes from the Bible are from The Eonian Books.

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